We strongly believe this is an essential point to imagine a new future for Apulia and the Mediterranean.

‘Save the Olives’ supports research and NRC (National Research Council) with specific projects, essential to give new impetus and speed up the search for new olive varieties resistant to the bacterium.

We want to build a screen house to donate to the NRC and to Foresta Forte, which is the operating arm of the NRC for field research activities.

Among the many scientific works carried out in recent years by the IPSP (Institute for Sustanaible Plant Protection of the NRC in Bari, the most substantial and publicly known work is the identification of two varieties, Leccino and FS 17 (Favolosa), considered resistant to Xylella, and authorised by the Apulia Region for planting in infected areas.



The Screen-House is a special greenhouse made entirely of anti-insect net, designed to ensure the complete isolation of the plants grown inside it from the outside environment. The internal environment guarantees high quality standards in terms of phytosanitary guarantees and the absence of pathogenic organisms on the plant material (viruses, bacteria, fungi).

The mother plants of the new olive varieties that have been identified during these long years of research, and the new olive varieties being tested, will be stored in the Screen House, the only place that guarantees them from external contamination.

Currently 4 genotypes are ending the testing phase and are ready to start the certification cycle. Another 90 genotypes, which are already productive, are ready for the xylella resistance test, the penultimate step in the various phases of experimentation.

This special, unique greenhouse will therefore be used to preserve the new olive varieties identified and created in Salento with excellent characteristics of resistance and productivity, and thanks to the ideal conditions guaranteed inside, to drastically reduce the physiological time of research.

Are you interested in contributing to the cause?